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BTS SGJK Silver Post Earring


The new Japanese MV for Stay Gold just came out and Jungkook is legit wearing a design almost identical! I came up with this one by myself about a year ago, that was inspired by Jin and Jimin. I have been selling this on here since about Feburary, and now JK is wearing something very similar! I'll keep my original listing description, but I'm changing the title to match Kookie :) BTS inspires my inner designer like no other... I can see Jin or Jimin wearing one like this. It matches so many of the other designs too. I love to match this one up with Jin's Fake Love earring! This is not an exact replica, it is simply an inspired endeavor to show my appreciation for BTS's taste in accessories.

The earring is actually quite light and measures 2 3/4 inches long.