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I started this shop as an outlet for my creative passions, to share my ideas and art with others.

My obsession with geekery started in the 80's with Star Wars, and quickly progressed to anime in the 90's. While I love all geek genres, video games and anime are the most inspirational and fascinating to me! My love for anime also led to a love for Japanese culture and subsequently kpop and Korean culture as well. It is my dream to someday visit both Korea and Japan.

I have always been artsy, and when I discovered polymer clay and resin as art mediums, that was it. That was what I finally decided I wanted to do with my life. I now create and sell unique jewelry for all people. It is my goal to push my own boundaries and always come up with new and fresh designs.

I have my own little weeb family as well, sharing all these obsessions with my husband, two kiddos, and three cats. (One of our cats is named Kirito and he loves to watch anime with us. His current favorites to sit down for are Mob Psycho and Noragami.)