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BTS V Gold Hoop with Purple Gem Earring


This is exactly the same as the first Dynamite V earring I made with the red gem, but I am able to get those same gems in this purple color now too! How appropriate to have something so uniquely V inspired for ARMY! The color purple has so much meaning and emotion attached to it for us, and it is especially meaningful for the one who started it all, our dear Taehyung 💜 

The original earrings are very unique, and something not easily replicated, these are simply an inspired endeavor to show my appreciation for BTS's taste in accessories. 

Hoop: The earring is actually quite light and measures just over 1 inch long.

Clip-On: Gold isn't available in the same size! The clip on has a thicker band, but the actual hoop is SMALLER! The hoop itself is 1/2 inch in diameter, with the gem it measures just an inch long.