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Had a wonderful time in LA! Thank you everyone for your support!


AgustD Daechwita Silver Sword Earring

$11.50 $12.50

Min Yoongi is my bias in all forms and personas, and Daechwita AgustD probably rules them all for me. I love the jewelry he wears as the "king" in the mv, and came up with my own themed earrings! The jewel is actually set in a crown setting, so this really is a great representation!

****PLEASE NOTE!!!**** The sword charms are not perfectly straight! They are manufactured this way, so it is intentional. There is a slight wave/curve to them and it is normal and not at all noticeable while being worn! Please remember, none of my earrings are an exact replica, they are simply an inspired endeavor to show my appreciation for BTS's taste in accessories.