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Dripping Honey Silver Honeycomb Necklace


This one is a little bit bigger and the frame is made of 100% stainless steel! They are absolutely beautiful and custom made for me specifically, so completely unique. I make this necklace with resin resulting in a totally unique and exciting way to to share my love for the bees! I seriously considered becoming a beekeeper at one point... ha! The chain is a nice golden colored 304 stainless steel, and in a 21 inch length. Please keep in mind that each pendant is handmade and may differ slightly. The type of bee may change based on availability to me. This is a small pendant but it makes a big statement!

Though my jewelry is tough and reinforced, I do not recommend wearing in the shower or swimming.

♥ Please note that monitor settings can differ, and colors may vary slightly! Also keep in mind that this is a handmade item, therefore there may be slight differences in each necklace. ♥