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Moon and Star Silver Earrings


1 review

Moons and stars! I love celestial jewelry so much, don't get me started... I have the moons as an option on my cuff earring listing and the stars are new, but they needed to be the spotlight on their own! I use stainless steel posts and chain, and antique silver moon charms. The star charm is a hypoallergenic alloy with glass rhinestones. The shorter earring measures, and the long one is. I have included an optional customization option so you can choose exactly which types of earrings you want to pair together. This is completely optional! 

Please be aware that monitor settings can differ, and colors may vary slightly!♥

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Sarah A
My favorite earrings!

I stumbled upon this shop at an anime convention and instantly fell in love with their designs! I'm passionate about astronomy and bought a pair of these charming earrings (long moon, short star). These have become my FAVORITE earrings.

I've been wearing these almost everyday for about 6 months now, and they still look amazing (so durability is great)! The backs still hold steady (I've taken naps in these and they've never fallen out of my ears). And I love how they are SO comfortable; I can literally wear them night and day without issues (I have a metal sensitivity, so these truly are hypoallergenic)!

These earrings are so much fun and are one of the best pieces of jewelry I've ever owned!

This shop also used to sell a matching necklace (which I also bought and wear all the time), and so it's a little sad they don't seem to have it anymore because I totally wanted to buy this set again, but in gold.